Xenophalla is a strange and wondrous location. It was stumbled upon recently by the Archmage Ronadar. The origins of the place are completely unknown. What we do know is that it appears to be very old and teaming with magical energy.

Currently only the Archmage himself and his closest mages have even step foot inside it. From their initial reports, it appears as though you are inside a great stone sphere. They have dubbed this inner sphere the Sanctum.

The entry point to the Sanctum is a diamond shaped golden alter atop a stone slab. On the diamond are ancient magic inscriptions and runes.

It appears as though there are several wooden ladders and scaffolding that lead to countless caverns and holes. Various colored auras seem to project from every crevasse.

The noises howling through the expanse can be deafening, but at times, silent as a vacuum.

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